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What’s Your Personal-Finance Resolution for 2022? Here’s What Readers Hope For – The Wall Street Journal

The past few years have caught many people unprepared—for prolonged financial hardship, a continuing bull market, rising inflation.

We wanted to know what Wall Street Journal readers are doing to prepare for the new year on money matters, so we asked them about their personal-finance goals and the steps they are taking to accomplish them.

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Personal finances

Personal finance classes should be taught in high school – The Cougar – The Daily Cougar

By JJ Caceres January 13, 2022

Jiselle Santos/The Cougar

University fees, living costs and school supplies typically require budgeting to balance out, something that many college students have never been taught to do. Personal finance classes need to be taught in high school so that people can be prepared and financially literate as they enter college as well as the workforce. 

While many high schools across the Unite…….

Personal finances

30 Things To Do With Your Finances Before Turning 30 – Forbes

What questions do you ask yourself when you are nearing 30 or when you think about your life post 30? How you foresee your future in your 30s depends on the financial planning you do while still in your twenties. Here are a few things you can financially accomplish before you hit that big milestone of your life, i.e., before you turn 30.

It is the Best Time to Invest Long-termWhen you are about to touch 30, you are almost working for a few years, earning a decent salary. You …….

Personal finances

Just 22% of people give themselves high scores when it comes to financial wellness – CNBC

Damir Khabirov | iStock | Getty Images

How high would you score yourself when it comes to feeling comfortable with your current financial situation?

If you’re like most, you wouldn’t give yourself very high marks, according to a survey from TIAA.

The financial services company set out to evaluate Americans’ financial wellness – defined as having the means to take care of your family, not worrying about money or debt, or feeling prepared to handle unexpected life events.</p…….

Personal finances

Do This to Make Your Money Work for You in 2022 and Beyond – Entrepreneur

The events of 2020 and 2021 have reshaped our world in innumerable ways, resulting in work-model shifts and mass layoffs that led an increasing number of people to question the status quo when it came to their professional and financial lives. This past November, a record 4.5 million people quit their jobs, and the Great Resignation shows no signs of slowing soon. 

Maybe you’re ready to pivot to entrepreneurship or make some essential money moves. Whatever your situation,…….

Personal finances

How to get your personal finances together to start 2022 – Wisconsin Public Radio News

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Personal finances

Now’s the time to revisit the most basic rule of personal finance – The Globe and Mail

You cannot get ahead financially until you make a habit of spending less than you earn.

Never in the history of this planet has it been harder to follow this most basic rule of personal finance. Between social media and the internet, we are immersed in messages to spend. And then there’s the pandemic, which has resulted in pent up demand to buy things, inflation and job losses for some.

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Personal finances

12 personal finance influencers to follow in 2022 –

Personal finance influencers can inspire, empower and encourage millions of people around the world to take control of their finances.

Bankrate highlighted a few social media influencers and other content creators as part of its inaugural Social Honors awards to help amplify the voices speaking about money in a new way. In conjunction with those awards, we’ve picked 12 of the top personal finance influencers you should follow in 2022.

1. Delyanne Barros, @DelyanneTheMoneyCoach…….

Personal finances

How to Make Your Financial Life Happier in 2022 – The Wall Street Journal

Instead of setting an ambitious money goal in the new year, consider some smaller and more cerebral ways to make your financial life happier. 

This approach is likely to be especially helpful in 2022, after two years in which many have been under financial and other sources of strain. According to an online survey that the personal-finance site NextAdvisor conducted of nearly 3,000 adults in June, over half said they felt very or somewhat anxious about their finance…….

Personal finances

Stop Tracking Spending and Other Money Tasks to Take Off Your To-Do List – The Wall Street Journal

When it comes to your money, sometimes doing nothing is the best thing to do.

Financial to-do lists abound at this time of year, and it’s always smart to check on the rules around charitable giving or set financial goals for the new year. Knowing what to skip is just as important, though—so consider this list of suggestions from financial advisers as a 2022 to-don’t list.

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